Woodworking Wooden Folding Stool – Sheesham


This Wooden Stool is especially designed stool that made from wooden pieces and these wooden pieces are beautify with brass work. flower patterns are made on every wooden piece and brass work with yellow metal copper. These all wooden pieces are combine with rod. Give adjustable flexible stool that can be fold also.

This stool you can use in your drawing room, kitchen, Lawn. This Wooden Stool is best for old person who can not offer prayer normally and needs stool or chair.

  • Pure Sheesham  handmade Wooden Stool
  • Non Rust Wood, Long Life
  • Strong Feets And Solid Wooden Pieces
  • Non Rusty Metal Used In Brass Work
  • Foldable Stool
  • Durable, and Easy to carry
  • One person sitting
  • Made in Pakistan
  • Home Delivery within 3 – 5 working days, after the confirmation of the order.


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Woodworking Wooden Folding Stool

In handicraft sector Pakistan is a very rich country, various kinds of handicrafts  are coupled with different areas of the Pakistani landscape, like Multan is synonymous with blue pottery, camel leather and camel boon handicrafts, Chiniot is famous for traditional wood furniture while Sillanwali in known through out Pakistan and at international level for its wooden handicrafts with colorful geometric patterns and oriental designs.

These items are beautiful blend of art and craft. Pakistani craft is not merely a craft but it lies in the definition of handicraft which makes it distinguished from other crafts. The use of these handicrafts is not only functional but also decorative. It is also an interest of collectors who appreciate craftsmanship.