Pakistani Onyx – Mortar And Pestle


Rich with symbolism. The Mortar or cupped base represents the feminine principal of creation. The Pestle symbolizes the male aspect. Together they create CHANGE.

In fact, the mortar & pestle is so steeped in magic, that having a set placed in the kitchen, will safeguard the room. They are so helpful, it seems a shame not to use them.

A mortar is perfect for grinding spices, nuts, & herbs and pills. When grinding, move the Pestle clockwise, otherwise you may unwittingly pour negative vibrations into the substance you are preparing.

Also, keep your thoughts happy, positive, & healthy while grounding. It puts positive & good will into the spices you use for Food or Rituals.

Pakistani Onyx varies in color as it is a natural stone.

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• Material: Onyx
• Onyx Mortar and pestles
• Natural variations in the stone
• Onyx with unique veining
• All natural stone products will vary in colour, veining and cannot be replicated. Products will vary from the pictures shown, if you have any queries, please contact us prior to ordering.