Mughal Art Theam Knai Shawl with Shikargah Palla


A Woolen Shikargah Kani Shawl is a type of traditional shawl that originates from the Kashmir region in India. It is known for its intricate and elaborate designs, which are created using a special weaving technique known as Kani. The word “Shikargah” refers to hunting scenes, and the shawl often features motifs of animals, birds, and nature.

  • Hand woven border on four sides
  • Care Instructions – Dry Clean Only
  • Width – 82 cm , Length – 203 cm
  • Quality – Pashmina/Wool
  • Cash on delivery Availabale
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Mughal Art Theam Knai Shawl with Shikargah Palla

Creating a Kani Pashmina shawl is a labor-intensive process, requiring skilled artisans who have inherited the craft from their ancestors. These shawls are considered highly prestigious and are sought after for their beauty and craftsmanship. They are often regarded as luxurious accessories and are popular worldwide for their intricate designs, softness, and warmth.

This product it handmade and slight variations in its fabrication make the piece authentic and truly beautiful. Please note the actual fabric colors may vary due to differences in monitor color depth and make. The color shown is as close as possible to the actual colors of the shawls.

Additional information

Dimensions 82 × 103 cm

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